08.19.18:  Congratulation to Chuan for his recent publication in Journal of Materials Chemistry C: Deciphering the potentiometric properties of (porphinato)​zinc(II)​-​derived supramolecular polymers and related superstructures.

08.19.18:  The Lab welcome undergraduate student Dalia Husaini.

08.17.18:  The Lab welcome undergraduate student Tina Phan.

08.15.18:  The Lab welcome postdoctoral researcher Arindam Mukhopadhyay. 

08.05.18: Jean-Hubert received the poster award at the Electron Donor-Acceptor Interactions Gordon Research Conference.

07.05.18: Jean-Hubert presented the lab research on supramolecular polymers at the International Conference on Porphyrins and Phtalocyanines.


06.07.18: Jean-Hubert and Abhishek Prasad from the Biomedical Engineering Department were awarded with the Collaborative Research Initiative for the Frost Institute of Chemistry and Molecular Science.


05.28.18: Jean-Hubert is named a Beckman Young Investigator. Click Here for more details.


03.02.18: The first paper of the Olivier Laboratory has been accepted in Chemistry of Materials.

02.01.18: The Lab welcome Undergraduate Student Noah Kleinhenz. Noah is developing new hydrogel materials.  

01.28.18: Jean-Hubert was glad to be an invited speaker at the South Florida Local ACS meeting.

12.25.17: Merry Christmas to all of you.

12.15.17: The lab welcomes graduate student Adam Ashcraft

11.20.17: Congrats to Chuan who won the first prize for his poster at the BioNIUM external board meeting.

09.22.17: Jean-Hubert was delighted to be an invited speaker at NanoFlorida 2017

08.30.17: The lab welcomes high school student Isabel Lopez

06.01.17: The lab welcomes Undergraduate student Adam Levy.

05.06.17: Jean-Hubert was delighted to be an invited speaker at the ACS 93rd Florida Annual Meeting and Exposition (FAME). conference. 

04.17.17: Renovation has started. It will provide a new office space for students. 

02.03.17: The lab welcomes Undergraduate student Jared Klutke. 

01.27.17: Jean-Hubert gave a seminar at the Climate Sustainability Lecture Series (Nova Southeastern University, FL).

01.01.17: HAPPY NEW YEAR. We are excited for this productive year ahead.

11.20.16: The Lab is fully operational. 

10.20.16: UV-vis-NIR Cary 5000 has made its way to the Olivier Research Lab.

10.19.16: Jean-Hubert gave a seminar at the UM Medical School.

09.10.16: We are Online!!

09.01.16: The group is delighted to integrate The Dr. John T. Macdonald Foundation Biomedical Nanotechnology Institute of University of Miami (BioNIUM).

08.31.16: First boxes are arriving. Time to unpack!!!

08.16.16: Graduate Students Chuan Liu and Kaixuan Liu join the group. WELCOME!!

08.15.16: Inception of the Olivier Research Group.